Dependable Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing in Mobile, AL

Say goodbye to stained and dirty tiles!

Are you tired of stains on your tile floor at your home or business in Mobile, AL? Cornerstone Hard Surface Restoration is your trusted company to clean your tiles and seal grout lines to ensure sparkling floors for your property!

"They did an amazing job on cleaning our 20 year old tile and grout."

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Tough stains?

Not on our watch!

Are you tired of looking at dirty, mucky floors? Are you concerned that your floors pose a safety risk for people or employees who might slip and fall on your flooring? At Cornerstone Hard Surface Restoration, we are here to help.

Not only do we clean your floors — we remove the source of the problem, eliminating mold, mildew, grease, and grime. With modern equipment and processes, and our expert, uniformed cleaning technicians, we deliver results that will bring your flooring back to life. Say goodbye to those really tough stains with our professional tile and grout cleaning, sealing, and more throughout Mobile and across the Gulf Coast in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

Let us help restore the beauty of your tile flooring!

Tile floors in your home or business can quickly become stained and dirty due to the foot traffic on your property.

Cornerstone Hard Surface Restoration offers professional tile cleaning and sealing services that will restore and protect the beauty of your tiles without damaging them. Our experienced technicians use specialized equipment to deep clean your tiles and seal grout lines so you can enjoy long-lasting, clean floors!

Trustworthy, Professional Service

You are placing significant trust in us by allowing us to enter your home — and we understand and respect this. To maintain the cleanliness of your space, our uniformed crew wears shoe covers and uses drop cloths and mats.

Experienced Tile Cleaners

With over a decade of flooring experience and the necessary certifications for tile cleaning, you can trust that we are qualified tile flooring technicians capable of handling your floor care needs or your home or business.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cornerstone Hard Surface Restoration offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for restoring the beauty of your tile surfaces. If you are dissatisfied with our flooring service, please inform our team, and we will fix it to your satisfaction.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Trying to stay on top of the dirt and stains that accumulate on your tile flooring can be a challenge. You don't want to damage your tiles by using harsh chemicals or scrubbing too hard, but you don't want them to look dull and dingy. Our specialty is reviving stained floor tiles for your home or business in Mobile, AL.

To clean your tile and grout, we first use a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution that lifts embedded dirt and soil. Then, we use our patented turbo tools with heated pressurized water that rinses at 5 gallons per minute without causing damage to your tile floor. While the water is being applied, it's also vacuum-extracted to leave your tile and grout lines almost completely dry.

Professional tile cleaning using commercial-grade equipment in Mobile, AL

Residential Tile Cleaning

Our residential tile cleaning services help remove stains on various surfaces, including kitchen tile and grout, ceramic tile, entryways, hallways, countertops, shower enclosures, garage floors, driveways, pool decks, patios, and more. Say goodbye to the unpleasant stains with our services.

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Our commercial tile cleaning service covers a variety of tile surfaces in lobbies, entry areas, offices, restrooms, kitchens, walkways, and countertops.

Maintenance Programs

You can choose a maintenance plan on a monthly or quarterly basis that fits your budget and needs. Our floor tile and grout cleaning services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Close-up photograph of tile and grout

Tile Sealing Services

Color sealing plays a significant role in keeping your tile and grout looking its best. Our color grout sealer, which contains fluoropolymers for soil release and aluminum oxide for durability, is a process that improves the performance of any grout, new or old.

  • Reduce and remove dirt build-up: Color sealing reduces the frequency of dirt accumulation between your grout lines.
  • Save money: If you seal the color of your floor and prevent dirt build-up, you will need to clean your floors less frequently, saving money on cleaning costs.
  • Improve the look of your space: Applying a sealant to your grout will improve the appearance of your tile and grout lines, giving a better overall look to your home or commercial space.

Tile Coatings

You may be looking to keep your tiles looking beautiful for years, but you don't want to clean and reseal them constantly. You need something that will provide long-lasting protection without sacrificing the look of your flooring.

Cornerstone Hard Surface Restoration offers specialty tile coatings designed specifically to protect tiles against wear and tear while maintaining their natural beauty. Our coatings are easy to apply and offer superior protection against dirt, grime, water damage, UV rays, scratches, scuffs, and spills - all with no loss of color or shine!

Restaurant floor tiles with tile coating applied


We use the MicroGuard®/MicroGrip™ anti-skid floor system in various places, such as your commercial kitchen, public walkways, stairs, and more, to prevent slipping hazards.

  • Reduce the chances of slips and falls: We help you make your workplace safer and free from hazards for your employees and customers.
  • Easy to care for: The anti-slip floor system prevents skidding, inhibits mold growth, and has abrasion-resistance properties. This makes it easier to maintain your floors.
  • Retain your floor color: Your floors will not only be easier to clean, but the color will also last longer, maintaining their appearance.
Diner flooring

Specialty Coatings

Are you looking to reduce your cleaning chemicals used? Perhaps you are searching for something highly resistant to stains, such as oily grime, dirt, urea, mold, and food or beverage products. We offer the MicroGuard® hard tile clear gloss treatment and Epic services for your specific needs.

  • MicroGuard Tile Surface Sealer: Protect your tile, stone, and terrazzo surfaces with this finish that lasts for a long time.
  • Epic Floor Finish: This finish will make your floors shiny for a long time (we are talking about years) without buffing, burnishing, or stripping.
Hospital flooring with specialty coating
Pressure washed concrete

Pressure Washing

Outdoor tiles can quickly become stained and dirty due to the elements, making them look dull and dingy. Pressure washing your outdoor tiles is a tedious task that requires special equipment and knowledge of how to use them properly without causing damage to your tiles. Plus, you don't want to waste time or money on ineffective cleaning methods.

At Cornerstone Hard Surface Restoration, we also offer dependable and safe pressure washing and soft washing services for your outdoor tile surfaces in Mobile, AL. Our experienced technicians use specialized equipment combined with the correct amount of pressure and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Your outdoor tiles will look brand new after our pressure washing service.

Keep your floors sparkling and stain-free year-round!

Do you want your tile floors to look beautiful for years to come without constantly cleaning and resealing them? Look no further than Cornerstone Hard Surface Restoration!

"WOW" is the best way I can describe how our tile/grout looks after David at Cornerstone cleaned, stained and sealed our floors. The grout looked absolutely terrible before and now it looks brand new. David and his team were so friendly and professional as well. We definitely recommend this company to others and we will be customers of theirs for life. (...)"

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